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I have a list of things to work on and practice before their mock interview. Circle criteria that reflect students performance and write. Mock job interview rubric by tumps treats teachers pay. Did not demonstrate their appreciation for the opportunity. Total score range youre hired stellar resume great poise, professional dress, great eyecontact very confident detailed and specific answers to questions sells skills and references previous experience appears to have many leadership qualities appears very honest and easy to work with. I have the rubric and questions set up for the students to chose what they are interviewing for. Demonstrated their appreciation for the opportunity, smiled, and gave a handshake. Appsresrefa student ambassadors advertising rewards card program rewards program doc xls files mock interview critique form. Research indicates that, on average, an interviewer decides to hire in just 5. Download, fill in and print mock interview rubric form pdf online here for free. Emphasize the need to research a company well before the interview. Nace is a consortium of more than 3,000 university relations, recruiting professionals and business affiliates.

The mock interview provides an opportunity to practice your interviewing skills by receiving constructive feedback from a csc counselor. Interview skills techniques you have excellent eye contact with your interviewer without staring. Phone mock interview evaluation sheet student name. This practice interview, or mock interview as it is often called, provides the opportunity to gain experience fielding questions for the purpose of polishing your answers and professional presence. Appropriately dressed for an interview relative to the position and industry. Professionalism work ethic first impression poor was on time to the interview, but offered poor greeting, handshake or appearance, etc. You relate your skills and knowledge from classes and extracurriculars to the position well.

Just like a real interview, you should formally thank interviewers for their time. The role of a mock interviewer is to advise about interviewing and appropriate questions to ask as well as to guide you to resources about interviewing. Career development center is very helpful in preparing them for internship interview. Through the mock interview, the students can get rubric based specific feedback from the career development center staff to be more aware of their own strengths and weakness and practice or learn lesson for real internship interview.

Students prepare mock interview job application resume and cover letter. Dress business professional clothing or clothing appropriate for hisher field of work, modest and appropriately fitting clothing. First candidateimpression candidate confidently into the did the candidate make a. Students work in pairs to practice the interview questions, each having a turn as the interviewer and interviewee. Tell me about a time you overcame a difficult challenge.

Interview content 20 pts you relate your skills and knowledge from classes and extracurriculars to the position very well. Mock interview rubric interviewer student criteria 4 t 3 2 1 introduction 20% greeting is present. Mock interview assignments humboldt state university. Mock interview rubric may have been late to the interview, appeared too casual or uninterested initially, provided poor handshake or greeting, etc. A copy of the job search interview rubricfor each student extra copies for use during mock interviews advance preparation have copies prepared of the handouts and of the interview rubric decide on the job opening for students to use for their mock interviews. Check out these sites below to see what types of jobs. Mock job interview mock job interview medical librarian rubric code. Candidate interview evaluation form candidates name. Read materials mock interview performance rubric scores. Mock interview rubric mock interview rubric interviewee.

This product was used in conjunction to my life skills curriculum. The remaining time will be spent providing feedback, answering your questions, and developing an action plan. Your success or failure in an interview can depend on your appearance and the interviewers first impression of you. Simple mock interview for every student sociologycriminology professional development course class meeting 1 introduction to interviewing. If the first impression is not positive, it will be difficult to change the interviewers mind during the rest of the interview. Amherst career center suggested interview questions 1. Please be aware that the csc will have some high volume times, so it is best to make an appointment earlier in the semester. Ask a friend, parent, relative, mentor, or other person to ask you the following questions and then critique your answers. Remember, the goals of the mock interview are to 1 recognize strengths and weaknesses and 2 set goals for improvement. Grooming attempt is evident overall neat appearance choice in clothing is acceptable for the type of interview well groomed ex.

Mock interview rubric scoring total score out of 28 pts. Mock interview handbook california state university. It is the leading source of information on the employment of the college educated, and forecasts hiring. School of cosmetology interview rubric student interview. This pdf includes a rubric and questions that you can use with students who are planning to attend college or get a job immediately after high school. As measured by a simple average of the rubric scores on each component, controlling for prior knowledge. Students apply for an entry level job related to their career interest. Conduct a practice interview with career services staff. Personal appearance rate the applicant on the criteria below on a scale of 1 to 5.

Heres your opportunity to practice answering interview questions alone, with your college roommate, friends, or peers in music education methods classes or the nafme collegiate chapter. This rubric was generated using the nace national association of colleges and employers communitys collective input. Mockinterview questions worksheet guide instructions. Mock interview rubric first impression score comments appropriately dressed for an interview relative to the position and industry demonstrated good posture and use of body language appeared well groomed andor hygienic arrived 15 minutes before the interview shook hands with interviewers before and after the interview. Thanked interview for their time and shook their hand.

Mock interview rubric form is often used in rubric template. This blogpost should be used in conjunction with these past articles on tips, criteria, and questions suitable for hosting mock interview practice sessions. If the students performance lies between two columns, award 2 or 4 points. You have adequate eye contact with your interviewer.

The mock interview questions are skillbehavioral centered and are. It comes with a list of possible questions for the students to practice with and the actual interview only has 4 questions. The class is guided in discussion talking about the interview process including. Special education, life skills, vocational education. A simulation interview conducted by career advisors. The student will access, analyze, manage, integrate, evaluate, and create information in a variety of forms using. Maximize the benefit you gain from this valuable exercise by creating a rubric from which to assess your mock interview performance.

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