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It has widespread use from college football down to youth football but is run very sparingly in the nfl. But some coaches are working on even more exotic spread permutations, including what can only be described as the quadruple option. Kevin steele vs the triple option shakin the southland. Triple option vs 44 defense from ends over formation. Second, its very good against 2 high safety where theyre rolling the safeties with our motion.

When running triple option versus a 50 5234okie defense. The website may morph into other things as well, but by and large, thats the purpose. The 50 defense puts the veer scheme in a problematic situation as witnessed in figure 421. An effective answer to the 50 defense, is the loop scheme. The tgame can be used vs either mantoman or zone defenses. Ku footballs runpass option version of the tripleoption. As such, i hope youll enjoy this, my list of the six basic realities of defending the triple option. The triple option can you run it like gt in the pros. You just have to make sure you have the entire package. Both rich rodriguez and randy walker started doing it early on, and by the time urban meyer was running his spread at utah, the idea of having a pitch back or pitch phase for. Defensively the broncos are traditionally very stout but have struggled the past few years against the triple option, the primary attack of new mexico and air force. Flex bone offense american football football codes.

Against these plays the defense can play assignment defense i. How to defend the triple option with the 425 defense. Today were going to go over the mid triple play versus the 50 defense. The double eagle has gained popularity presumably as a way to stop triple option. Getting the 0technique blocked is key to establishing the dive. Basketball offense tgame triplepost offense, coachs. Triple option vs the 44 defense coach ross maddalon. Preparing for the football game against georgia tech yellow jackets on sept. The option offense may be the most popular type of offense. When defending an offense that runs a variation of the triple option from spread formations, a defense must have three main components. Defeating tripleoption offenses with the backbone defense. Home free football playbooks offense option offense option offense coach pap 20171208t10. Running the triple option versus the 345052 defense. Read more running the triple option versus the 34 50 52.

How notre dames defense shut down georgia techs option offense notre dame forced georgia tech into its worst offensive performance in over a year. Defending the readoption requires a different approach than defending the old speed option or the triple option. To learn how to run the triple option offense, contact the triple option football academy at 570. As the diagram below shows, the defense must have a player for the fullback, a player for the quarterback, and a player for the slot back. For the offense, the decision of who is to carry the ballwhich option to useis made during the play by the quarterback. An answer that many coordinators will have is to blitz the triple option.

Business sport, sporting goods and toys industry football defense methods football coaching football defense. There isnt any offense that blocks a defense for every play. Spread offense 50 odd defense vs the spread offense. Weve seen some guys who line up and try to keep it simple, and we see some who try to change the defense on every play. Why gary patterson teaches defense by starting with the. The defense does not read it very well on either play, and it gives the offense a brigade of blockers to lead the runners through. If you cant block defensive linemen, youll never move the ball, youll never score points, and youll never win a game. Dartdart leave end man on line of scrimmage back will start away and cut back playside. A 50 odd defense versus the spread offense in football. In order to defend the triple option effectively, the defense will need to have three unblocked players in various areas on the play side. Coach smarter not harder, make this one small adjustment for your bbacks and reap the.

Like other patterned offenses, it is somewhat predictable, but as with all offenses, execution is the key. This video shows the base plan for defending a triple option. The triple option is based on the option run, but uses three players who might run with the ball instead of the two used in a standard option run the triple option forces defenses to worry about multiple running options on a single play. Why army and navy run the tripleoption flexbone offense. Pinch call for the 3 down lineman, meaning they are aligning head up to their respective offensive lineman no shade and at the snap sliding hard with penetration to the closest inside gap, with the nose guard n always sliding to strength on a pinch call, and weak on a veer call. I t wasnt long after the zoneread was invented that coaches began dabbling in ways to turn the play into a triple option i. How notre dames defense shut down georgia techs option. Business sport, sporting goods and toys industry football coaching methods.

Triple option power point for flex bone association. It is flexible using either a singlepost or a triplepost option. The best plan for you to learn more about youth option football is to start out reading the pages that span the top of this site. Read more running the triple option versus the 345052 defense. The triple option is designed to take advantage of defenses by allowing the quarterback to make his reads during the play, not before. The triple option forces defenses to worry about multiple running options on a single play. The defense played the triple in the following manor. Based on the defense, the quarterback may hand off to a full back up the middle dive, hold on to the ball and run himself to either side of the field keep, or pitch the ball to a. Against boston college, the kansas jayhawks ran a clever runpass option concept that gave the football team three potential courses of action. We start with the 50 defense because the play is very effective aga. I would welcome any suggestion, comments, or questions on this topic.

Or maybe even defend against an option attack, if you know that youll be playing against one. There is nobody assigned to block the safety to the playside, so the triple option is thereby nullified. The 5 defensive schemes that dominate joe daniel football. The playside a and receiver must cancel the secondary to establish the pitch. How to defend the triple option with the 425 defense joe daniel football. Today were going to be taking a look at defending the triple option with the 425 defense.

The current evolution has us with the zonereadtriple with a pitch back, and its more nascent cousin, the zoneread triple with a bubble screen. The fact that we were even in the game points to their atrocious defense and cj spillers pure ability. Alternate option responsibilities to keep the offense confused. Making your bback read the action key is just one small technique that will lead to more yards over the course of the season. Each player on a defense must stay gap sound and understand how the structure of the defense adapts versus each option play.

And the play has been devastating for defenses almost ever since until it mostly. Understanding and defending the triple option blogger so. The offense is based on spacing and movement, with little screening, and has continuity from side to side. Qb will read emols and will either give ball to hb or pull and run option swing reading flat player. An option offense is a style of offense in american football that is predominantly based on a running play. The fs and oss to the run action side will execute their base assignments vs. Lining up with 3techniques does make running triple option more difficult, but there are ways to run triple option against double eagle fronts. The second significant version of the 52 defense is the 52 defense that bud wilkinson developed while he was a head coach at oklahoma. The latter defense, also called the 52 oklahoma, is supposed to have arisen from buds exposure to earle neales 52 defense in a college allstar game after the philadelphia eagles first championship. But as we started to unravel all of this information, one common thread kept appearing.

Also, the usage of different formations can put this defense into a bind. The triple option is based on the option run, but uses three players who might run with the ball instead of the two used in a standard option run. Any sound defense is capable of defending the triple option. Here are two blitzes from my 353 playbook that alternate linebacker responsibilities for the quarterback and pitch. The 2015 season proved to be an up and down season for boise state. I also believe that midline triple, with counter motion, is one of the best misdirection plays ever invented out of the flexbone vs. Lastly, it sets the table for counter trap option and trap. It can be run from any formation and in any offensive scheme. Having a defensive player who can wreak oneman havoc in the middle makes this first option look less and less appealing for the offense and it prevents the interior offensive linemen from getting out to their blocks on linebackers and defenders at the. Rpos are just like triple option in how you defend them. We start with the 50 defense because the play is very effective against this front for a few reasons.

Whenever a georgia tech game is aired i see a lot of people talk about how much fun a gt style triple option offense would be in the pros, with varying levels of confidence in how effectively it could be run. Youth option football teach the option, run the option. Defeating tripleoption offenses with the backbone defense by phil jack dawson author 5. First, its a good answer to help block an odd front 0 ng. Now im not a football coach, but i play one on the internet. This has been good to me against teams that like to run the point mesh method. The triple option is an american football play used to offer several ways to move the football forward on the field of play. Oldschool triple option attacks had the bback slam it into the bgap no matter what.

Here we are denying the dive by attacking a and b gap aggressively with our tackle and middle backer. The triple option has been around since the 1960s, when houstons bill yeoman rolled out his splitback veer. It took some time to get through our cutups to find good examples for you guys. Flexbone, flexbone option, option football, installing flexbone. The first option in air forces triple option is usually an inside handoff to the fullback. The rules for the loop scheme are illustrated in figure 422, and the rules are listed below. You need midline triple against double eagle flexbone. However, instead of a specific play in mind, the offense has several options of how to proceed.

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